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After your visit take time to see what is available from our small retail gift shop.

Subject to stock, all items may be purchased on site our online at

You may also contact our friendly staff, ph 07.386 8085 who will be able to assist with your order.

Trout Recipe Book - Rotary Club of Turangi
A selection of New Zealand recipies for cooking trout, from Trout Smoking methods to family favourites
Volcanic Trout - Brendon Mathews
A complete guide to trout fishing in the Taupo region. An essential companion for the thousands of anglers who seek high adventure in the Taupo waters every year.
Fly Fishing for Beginners - Keith Draper
Keith Draper's handy, practical guide has introduced a whole generation of New Zealanders to the delights of fly fishing.
River Walk Cap
Our famous, very own, 'River Walk' cap is a must have reminder of your visit to the Tongariro National Trout Centre