Trout Centre

Future Vision

That effort continues today and is overseen by the Society’s management committee, dedicated to undertaking new projects that will greatly enhance the appeal of the Centre.

These new projects include:

Expansion of displays and the visitor centre area
A key priority for the Society is working closely with the Department of Conservation and education experts to promote the importance of water quality in sustaining biodiversity.

Education of new generations is the key and the display theme being developed is ‘Water – Wonderful Wai’. A new display will follow water from its source to its sequential impact on habitat, biodiversity, fish, hydro generation and recreational activities.

With double the floor space from the original Centre, high-tech displays will provide a superb visual narrative for the ‘Water – Wonderful Wai’ theme.

Blue Duck (Whio) Conservation Programme
The Tongariro National Trout Centre is working closely with Genesis Energy and the Department of Conservation on a preservation programme and breeding enclosure for nationally endangered Whio, an iconic waterfowl species that lives in river habitats. The breeding enclosure woull be based at the Centre at a future date. Check back with us for regular news updates! 

Trout Hatchery Renovation
The trout hatchery is our most popular attraction. The hatchery showcases the critical aspects of trout life-cycle, development and underscores the fragility of our freshwater environment.